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Bring your team of mining professionals to our facility to explore simulated scenario mine training. The 96,000 square foot facility imitates an underground mine with heavy equipment located throughout. Miners can explore and observe the different types of problems to equip them with the knowledge they need to be safe in their work environment as well as give them the hands-on refresher training, they need to understand the various complexities and problem-solving skills that come with each profession in mining. 

This interactive mine lab will assist miners of every size company in their day-to-day by providing various technology and equipment for training that is used in everyday mining operations. 

The lab includes: 

  • Eight 20-foot entries, seven 20-foot crosscut simulated underground mine in 40 foot and 20-foot-deep mining cuts of coal
  • Two water hazards which can be flooded
  • Three floor tower / simulated coal handling facility with hoist well
  • Outdoor and indoor burn areas with propane burners
  • 12,470 volts entering the facility with various electrical equipment
  • An operational belt line haulage system with various safety shutoff systems
  • An operational fire hydrant and waterline system
  • A 20’x20’ expectational smoke room
  • An operational Continuous Miner Machine
  • An operational Roof Bolting Machine
  • An operational Shuttle Car Machine
  • An operational Underground Forklift
  • An Operational D8N Dozer
  • An Operational 980H Loader
  • An Operational Refuge Chamber
  • Two classrooms inside the simulated mine lab
  • Portable projector and screens

The simulated mine lab can provide various “what-if?” scenarios to assist mine rescue emergency response teams, trainers, and rescue services on the fastest rescue responses. We also provide access to mine experts and safety trainers who can assist mine rescue and/or safety trainers with scheduling a successful mine rescue and safety training, annual retraining, and refresher courses. If your company needs a tailored training program, then we can develop a comprehensive program or custom-make classes to meet your needs. We would be happy to assist mining professionals across the industry achieve success in their mining operation.